Moon Ritual Notebook- Release & Manifest with the moon in 2022

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Our Moon Ritual Notebook was created to help you easily release on the Full Moon and manifest your desires on the New Moon.

An easy to use notebook that you can carry with you anywhere. Write down what you want to manifest on the new moon and release on the full moon, tear out the page and surrounded it to the universe.

To make your journaling even more powerful we have added recommend crystal to use with each moon. These crystals are in our 2022 Crystal Calendar as well as our 20/21 editions.

Each page has international time zones for the moons, as well as what zodiac sign and element the moon is in. Be it earth, water, air or fire. 

A5 Notebook

Gold foil cover

50 sheets, (we included extra pages at the back to ensure you have plenty of room to journal. We know what it's like when you get on a roll. )

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