Welcome to Conscious Calendar Co.

As an adventurer of the soul and a seeker of healing and wisdom I believe we are all on a journey. A journey of growth and self-discovery, along this road we are fortunate enough to meet people who help us along the way. More than a Calendar creator we strive to help you Learn, Grow and be Inspired.

Conscious Calendar Co. came into being when I dreamt up the initial concept for our beautiful wall calendars. I've always had a love of crystals and as I delved deeper into this energetic world I found myself struggling to remember their names and their specific energies. I imagined focusing on one each month through something as cyclical as a calendar, this would allow me to stay focused, and what's better than receiving a gift each month to deepen the learning. From that dream  several years ago came Conscious Calendar Co.

Shortly after the release and success of the Crystal Calendar my family and I had moved into our first home and my heart was set on expanding my knowledge within the garden. From this desire and in collaboration with some amazing seed distributors our second calendar was conceived and the Seed Calendar was released. Designed to help you connect with the season and create your own home garden, this calendar has fast become a favourite gift to give and receive.

I am forever inspired by the people I see around me chasing their dreams and that is why I love collaborating with other like-minded businesses and people. 2022 will see Conscious Calendar Co  align with amazing artists making each month a bespoke piece of art adorning your wall, we are also working with other amazing businesses including Sow 'n Sow Seeds for the Seed Calendar and a very special one of a kind collaboration with Krystal Knight Jewellery.

Thank you for making us a part of your journey and we are thrilled to have you join us on ours. Together we can all Learn, Grow and be Inspired.

Sending Good Vibes,