meditate crystal kit

Meditate Crystal Kit

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Your Meditation Kit is filled with 5 crystals, each hand selected and cleansed help you focus on the task at hand.

Use these crystals to help you close down your eyes and thoughts as you connect with your intuition, guides and source. 

Place them in your hands as you meditate or simply keep them beside you when you are in meditation. 

This pack is also great to take to Yoga or any form of relaxation.

Kit includes; Amethyst, Sodlite, Howlite, Blue Calcite and Selenite.  Pouch and menu card. 

Amethyst- Peacefully connect with your intuition

Sodlite- Calm the mind and balance emotions 

Howlite- Encourages patience, calm and stillness

Blue Calcite- Calm, centre and protect your energy

Selenite - cleanse and recharge your crystals, do not cleanse this in water. 

PLEASE NOTE: All stones and crystals are unique and may have slight variances in colour and characteristics from the image shown.