home cleansing sage kit

Home Cleansing Kit

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Clear out the old and welcome in the new. Our Home Cleansing Kit includes a few of my personal favourite pieces to cleanse the energy of our home and protect it from outside influences.


  • Sage Oil- diffuse this hand poured oil from Botanist Aromatherapy to remove old energy within your home or office anytime you need an energy shift. Also works wonders on the Full Moon. 
  • Sage smudge stick- an ancient practice that absorbs the energy in your space to remove it into the universe. The kit comes with a "how to" so it's a great learning tool
  • Black Tourmaline - To protect the energy of your home and deter negativity energy. Place this at your front door step to protect the energy coming in. 
  • Selenite Rod - Place this crystal above your front door to cleanse the energy of those that walk under it and into your home. 
  • Cotton carry bag for all your goodies.