The Power of Rituals

rituals for conscious living, wellbeing and crystals

The Power of Rituals!

Here we are!

The year is certainly humming along! Hopefully you’re kicking some goals or at least conscious of working towards them. To help me achieve my goals and enjoy the process along the way I love to set myself up with some little rituals.

To me rituals are intentional habits with an emotional connection. They are the little actions we can take to help enjoy and manage getting tasks done. 

They say the hardest part about starting a ritual is just that, starting. A ritual for you can symbolise many things. Balance, creativity, strength anything that you feel you need to help you through. And the actual ritual itself can be anything too. Lighting a candle, meditating, having a cup of tea by yourself, dancing to loud music. The intention sets the task and the action puts it into play.

Before going to sleep each night set the intention for the day ahead. This certainly helps to make the most of your time and you don’t go to sleep that night thinking you haven’t accomplished anything. Go choose your rituals that are going to help you get through those tasks and enjoy doing them.

Here are some of my favourite rituals;

  • Waking up at sunrise and saying 10 things i'm grateful for- this puts my mind into a state of gratitude. Connect with my Mala beads as I do this. 
  • Tongue cleaning- this cleanses my body of bacteria that has built up over night
  • Playing music driving the kids to school, this brings joy and connection into our family and sets the mood for the day.
  • A coffee at my favourite coffee shop to allow myself me time and to connect with the world before heading home to work.
  • Lighting a candle when I sit down to work. This helps set the intention for where I am and the smell connects me to the task.
  • Gratitude at the dinner table. At night we all sit together and take turns saying what our favourite part of the day was. (my favourite by far)
  • Friday night dinner- Our family makes homemade pizzas and watch a movie together. It's really a wonderful way to reconnect after a busy week. 
  • Turning on my selenite lamp at dusk to cleanse the energy after my day and start setting the mood and energy levels for a relaxing night. 

For you, you might like to wake up and take 5 minutes to stretch, to practise deep breathing or just have a cup of tea in the sun before getting into your day.

We can all get caught in life’s traps. Waking up and doing the same old routine, taking the same drive to work and doing the same daily habits. But if we create rituals around these things, listening to inspiring music or podcasts, allocating time for a healthy lunch you’ve created, it allows us to look forward to or at least enjoy the small moments along the way.