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This week I am starting off with sleep. You know that thing that makes us feel good, clear headed and vibrant? Some have it down pat, some don't. Some nights we sleep like babies and others we do not. So what do we do when we aren't sleeping as well and we need to make some changes? 

The Bedroom;

Make sure your bedroom is clear of clutter. Clear out those piles of books begging to be read, the information overload is too much to put your mind at ease.

Remove the electronics, TV, Phones, electric clocks, they're all out. Thefrequency and lights are stimulants and keep you buzzing.

Piles of laundry need to go to, you are not sleeping in the laundromat. If you want your body to relax you need the space to feel zen and not thinking about what you haven't achieved.

I am also a HUGE believer in nothing under the bed. No shoes or storage. In Feng shui this is an energy block and it builds up stagnant energy which you then try and sleep on, NO thank you! 

Lighting, pictures and furnsihings also take a huge part. Make the tones, textures and lighting soft and inviting.

Before bed:

"To get a woman into bed you first have to make it". Annon. Just wanting to get into a well made bed with clean sheets is sometimes just the thing to get your body relaxed and ready for bed.

Dim the lights, turn off the phone or put it on aeroplane mode. Start connecting with your breath and slowing your nervous system down.


I LOVE a good smell! When you are in the habit of diffusing oils, lighting a candle or spraying a mist the brain links it to a occasion, thoughts or feeling. Each night I spray a "Moon spray" that is infused with amethyst crystals, lavender and other oils to let my mind and body know it's time to relax.


If you have crystal beside your bed make sure they aren't stimulating ones. Try using purple, clear, soft hue crystals like amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz.

Our sleep kit also includes smokey quartz which is a really grounding crystal, ideal for sleep.


"I have done all I can today. Tomorrow can enjoy what needs to be done. ."

"I am grateful for the sun but I am ready for the moon. "

“I give myself permission to be ok where I am. I know that I am doing my best.”


Sending good vibes,

Sarah x