Daily Movement

Be it a walk, pilates, yoga or a play in the park. Move your body to release and create new energy.

Rituals help keep us in alignment with our values and also help us work towards our goals.

I wanted to share a few rituals that help us to connect, grow and be inspired here in our home.

Daily Gratitude

At the dinner table our family takes turns in saying what they are gratful for each day. You can easily do this by yourself through journaling or share a message with a friend.

Lemon water

Each morning a cup of warm lemon water helps alkalise the body and reset it for the day ahead.


The vibration of music can instantly change your mood. Put on a good play list to motivate you, help you focus or something relaxing to help you unwind.


The simple ritual of lighting a candle ordiffusing essential oils allows you the time to stop, pause and realign your thoughts and intentions.


Tuning off, connecting with yourself and re focusing on what is a priority. One of the cheapest, easiest and accessible thing you can add to your rituals.