How to Manifest your Dreams!

How to Manifest your Dreams!

Write down your goals

Writing down your goals on a calendar allows your brain and body to connect with what it is you truly desire.

It also allows you to check in each day, week, month to make sure you are working towards them.

Make sure you also write down actions to help you achieve these goals.

Vision Board

Create a vision board with key words and visuals of the goals from your calendar.

Place it somewhere you will look at it each day. By doing this you are training your mind to know it is possible and real.

I like to create one for work and personal goals. Placing one in my bedroom and one in the office.

Pick your Crystals

Now that you know your goals, pick crystals that will help amplify your intentions.

Are you calling in money? add Aventurine.

Is it being more flexible, add Aquamarine.

Is it doing more self-care? Add Desert Rose

Is it setting boundaries? Add Black Tourmaline


Create an alter in front of your vision board with your crystals, or simply just sit quietly around them.

Allow your whole body to think, feel, smell and appreciate your success.

You want your body and mind to know it is achievable.

Pull cards

Share your goals with your guides and ask for guidance on how to step forward into your future self.

Maybe you would like to ask them what do you need to let go of in order to step forward? Or what support do you need to seek to achieve them.


You've got this!