Essential crystals for a high-vibe 2022

Essential crystals for a high-vibe 2022

You want to make 2022 memorable, for all the right reasons! The past few have been less than ordinary for some but we can turn that around. Be it consciously working on your health and finding the right support. Maybe you want to conjure up more energy to feel activated and motivated.

I personally have always been fascinated and drawn to crystals. I’m not the crazy lady sitting in her bedroom doing witchcraft. I’m more of a keep it cool, stay grounded and add a touch of style to my home and outfit kind of girl. They’re ready for anyone who is open to trying them in their routine.

Crystals have a magnetic pull and I have personally had some amazing results with crystal energy, (hello brand new home). This is one of the reasons I wanted to work with and get to know more about crystals.

With so many crystals out there, which one should you choose? Which one does what? Well, my friend, that’s exactly why I created the Crystal Calendar. Open and receive a new crystal to focus on each month and learn along the way.

There are 12 crystals that I recommend for 2022. Each one aligns with the zodiac new moon for each month so you can really tap into the energy of the moon with the added boost of a crystal that compliments the energy. Get ready to set those goals alight!

  1. January- Fluorite- Launch into the year with this harmonising & grounding earth Helping to neutralise any negativity and stress while cleansing and stabilising your aura. Use this little baby to work with the strong, yet secure energy of the Capricorn moon and launch into a successful 2022.
  1. February- Amethyst- Amethyst and Aquarius are a match made in heaven. The sign and the crystal beckon us to relax, open our minds and seek out our inner spiritual power. Amethyst is an ideal sleeping or meditation partner as it helps reduce anxiety, aid relaxation, and connect to spirit.
  1. March- Rose Quartz- Dream big, dream positive, dream everything you want in your life from a place of love. As we enter Pisces season, you will feel the loving, sensitive energy bought on by this new Rose Quartz will support you as you work on self-love which in turn will bring in and cultivate more love around you. Keep it close to your bed and close to your heart.
  1. April- Brown River Agate- Feel the fire and independence bought on by the first sign in the zodiac, Aries. Your piece of Brown River Agate will help you build on this energy with its natural charismatic energy of power of confidence. Speak your truth to the world, don’t hold back, take life by the horns, and make it happen.
  1. May- Emerald- Strong, loyal, and sensual, let the Taurus moon fill your entire body with its energy. Draw on the powers of this rich piece of emerald as it helps strengthen your relationships filling your heart with love for both yourself and others. Be stubborn in your desire to achieve your dreams, but also relish in how far you have come.
  1. June- Moss Agate- Curious, clever and kind, Gemini energy is adaptive and ready to help make the best of any situation. Moss Agate ties in beautifully with this go get ‘em attitude, it boosts your self-esteem, creativity and draws you towards success and abundance. What better time to go after everything you want!!

7.July- Sunstone- Shine bright and spread joy to everyone in your world. Bask in the warm feeling of the nurturing Cancer sign with the help of this playful crystal. Sunstone brings in luck and good fortune while energising all of the chakras letting the real you shine through with confidence.

8.August- Carnelian- Raise your voice and use the Leo new moon to enhance your natural roar. Both the Leo and Carnelian energies are proud, bold and encourage us to achieve and stand out. Leo energybrings out the natural leader within your soul and the fire inside your carnelian will ignite you to be courageous and motivated.

9.September- Amazonite- If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. The energies flowing around us in the Virgo new moon are all about perfection and preparation. Amazonite’s natural powers for clarity, honour and inspiration are a great way to utilise the moon and your crystal to swing from branch to branch in the most glamours of style. 

  1. October- Moonstone- Have the scales started to look unbalanced? Are you ready to clear some tasks off your lists and relax into the Libra new moon? Work with your Moonstone to feel balanced, calm and intuitive to help draw you closer to a relaxing state of mind.

11.November- Garnet- Garnet is a highly spiritual crystal, it helps us to connect lovingly and sensually. During the intense Scorpio new moon, we can feel drawn into secrecy and solitude but also feel the natural passion and intensity that is Scorpio. Garnet helps to manifest these powerful traits into a positive loving flow through your entire body.

12.December- Lapis Lazuli- Feel the adventurous, traveller within come forth as the inquisitive Sagittarius moon calls for you to explore. Hold your Lapis Lazuli tight and journey through its celestial blue hues as it draws you to eternal wisdom and truth. Allow it to activate your inner voice to always speak your truth.

It’s what we put out that we get back in return. So think, feel and act confident and positive. Work with crystals, affirmations, and mediation to really conquer your 2022 goals.


This article was written by me, Sarah Keeley for Body & Soul magazine