Crystals for Well-Being

crystals for health

When you need a little detox, a reboot or just energy to get physical what are some of the crystals that can best support you on that journey? 

  1. Detoxing

When detoxing you are clearing your body of built-up toxins and excess reserves. But what about built-up negative energy in your body? I recommend bringing with you Rainbow Hematite and Selenite.

Rainbow hematite is a beautiful, layered black crystal covered in specks of rainbow colouring; it’s truly mesmerising. The vibration of this crystal is supportive and a natural cleanser. It helps make the body feel renewed and revitalised. Carry it with you during the day or keep it beside your bed at night to aid detoxing.

Selenite naturally cleansing the energy around it. It is a pure white crystal that you can wipe over your body, place above doorways, or simply carry in your bag. It also won’t hold onto negative energy so you can use it as much as you like.

  1. Mental Reboot

One of the best things about going on a retreat is the mental shift. Letting go of old thoughts and patterns to welcome in clear visions and goals.

Amethyst is known for its calming effects on the mind and body. Amethyst will allow you to clear any mind clutter and connect to your authentic self. Use it in meditation and when going to sleep. Be sure to tune into what comes up for you. 

Clear Quartz is going to help you amplify this energy as well as clear any sub conscious beliefs that are setting you back. This crystal can be used at any time on a retreat and will amplify the energy of any other crystals you are using at the time. Double win!


  1. Physical Health. Ok so you want to get the booty moving and push some boundaries. You are going to need some fire behind you and some good nourishment. Red jasper and Moss Agate are my go tos here.

Red Jasper is filled with courage, fire and stimulating energy. This pocket rocket is great to use when you’re enduring strong work outs and need both the emotional and physical stamina to help get you through.

Moss agate will support you with steady growth and nurturing energy. Reminding you that you are supported, and that change will come, just give it time. And like all good things, in divine timing.  

Remember whether you are intuitively choosing your crystals or going by recommendations that you cleanse your crystals before working with them. This can be with a sage spray or smudge, with selenite crystal or under the full moon. You should also remember to cleanse them each month to help them recharge, think of it like a retreat for your crystals.

Sending good vibes,