Creating space for self love and meaningful days

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Self Love… because you can’t give from an empty cup.

When your days are filled with nurturing family, helping amazing clients and your emails and messages seems to scroll on for days how do you make sure you make yourself a priority?

As they say on the aeroplane, “fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others”. Make sure you are happy, healthy and strong within yourself, otherwise no one is getting the best version of you, especially you.

Prioritise your time with people and activities that bring you joy, expand your curiosity and be conscious of your health. We reflect our surroundings and the people we spend most of our time with, so why not make sure it’s with the people that you enjoy most or by doing activities that reflect the type of person you wish to be.

Clearing space and unused possessions is a great way to clear your mind and reduce stress. Why hold onto clothes that no longer fit or unwanted gifts. Don’t hold things that make you feel sad, guilty or stressed. They have served their purpose and now it is time to say thank you and good bye.

A great activity is to peel back the layers your home to feel lighter and more in control of your space. You may find yourself able to think clearer and have time to look after yourself better,  consciously making your days work for you. Decluttering allows space for new opportunities to come into your life, opportunities that will refresh you.

Choose to put yourself first, just choose one thing big or small that you know is just for you. A weekly facial at home, a daily walk in the park or even just half an hour a day to dream and colour in.

It is not selfish to set time aside so those you love the most can enjoy the happiest, best version of you. It is imperative.

Sarah x