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If I say the word courage, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

For me it is leopard print, Michelle Obama and my higher, authentic self. No idea why Michelle pops in there but she does, she's pretty amazing.

It seems a lot of us are lacking courage these days and I have been trying to figure out why. Courage means to do something that frightens you. But why does it frighten you in the first place?

Some people are frightened because they are worried about things that are out of their control. They are worried about the future outcome and they are worried about being seen as a failure.

But what if you turned this around and didn't think about the outcome but more about the lesson, the experience. You didn't worry about the future but more about the task at hand and didn't worry about what others perceivedfailure as and focused on your own game, your own journey .


Our subconscious belelifs were created from conceptin to the age of 7 years. This is where we learn what is safe, dangerous, good and bad.

I've been doing some inner work myself and rewiring my subconscious beliefs around worthiness and self love, which carries into having courage. Because when we feel loved, safe and worthy we have courage to just do.

If we were subconsciously wired as a child that there is no failure, that you are loved and supported no matter what. And that you are whole just as you are would we have more courage to just try?

I am a believer in YES!

So what's holding you back? What's not giving you the courage to just try?

Subconscious belief:

Write down all the BS reasons why you're not asking for a raise, why you're not asking someone out on a date, why you're not venturing into a career or opportunity that you know will light you up.Whatever it is, write it down and ask yourself why.

Look into those reasons and see where the shadow is, the darkness.. Why are you really using this as an excuse to hide behind?


Some of my favourite and well known crystals for building up courage are; red jasper, tiger's eye and citrine. Each holds a fire energy to give you strength and determination to leap into your opportunities.

Crystals that are rich, deep red and orange help stimulate the sacral and solar plexus chakras which is where our confidence and connection to self reside.

Our Courage Kit is the perfect combo.


" I am loved, I am supported and I am worthy "

"My future is created by my thoughts. I fill my mind and body with positive, happy and courageous thoughts and feelings' "

“I have the courage to try, no matter what the outcome. I am courageous and worthy of success.”

"My inner child is supported and encouraged. I no longer feel unworthy or unsafe. I am free to step into my authentic self. "

Sending good vibes,

Sarah x