Conscious Wardrobe Shopping

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Clothing and subsequently fashion are a huge part of our lives.Not only do we need them for warmth and modesty, but we also need them for self-expression, creativity and confidence.But how many pairs of jeans and shoes do we really need? And are we being conscious of our purchases?  

I grew up in the Sex and the City era watching Carrie Bradshaw buy elaborate shoes and clothing each week, creating outfits out of a mix of high-end fashion and op-shop shopping. Each outfit was new and exciting, the labels fast and luxurious, the price tags both high and low.

This led to a generation of larger than life shoppers, buying enough clothing and accessories to burst out of our wardrobes and flood the floor. In 2018 Australians were averaging 27 kilograms of new clothing each year, that we then mindlessly tossed 80% of that into the bin.

Step into the now and the world is picking up on the fact that we need to change our tune. The ethics and intentions behind our purchases have become just as important as to why we are buying the beautiful new boots and flowing dresses in the first place. Who made it, where was it made and will it last more than a season in my wardrobe are becoming questions we need to ask.

Do you ever hear yourself say,  “I never have anything to wear”.  The first thing to do is strip your wardrobe right back. Donating, selling and re gifting pieces that no longer suit you or serve your current phase of life is a really cleansing activity to do. Keep only items that you love, wear and make you feel confident, comfortable and aligned with your personality.  

There’s always time for some sequins and some high-end purchases but it’s knowing what you already have and purchasing well that will set your wardrobe up for many seasons to come.

To help save money I love to keep a "wish list" on some of my favourite websites. That way you can purchase when they are on sale and you are not only saving money, but also being more conscious of your purchase. You've had time to think it through. 

OP shopping brings me so much joy, I know it's not for everyone. But you can find some amazing, unique pieces that you're not going to see on every other person walking down the street. With a little patience, some research and some digging you can find the great shops and some amazing pieces. 

Sarah x