citrine abundance crystals manifesting


This week is all about ABUNDANCE!

Abundance means "a very large quantity of something". So what do you want more of it in your life? Money, time, friends, opportunities, love?

Here are some tips from me when I want to call in abundance.

 In the home:

For new energy and opportunities to flow into your life you need to create space for it to do so.

Leave a draw, a shelf or a space empty to communicate that you are eady for more to come into your life. If your draws are full to the brim or jobs aren't finished it says that you are full and do not have room for more. That can mean a partner, money anything.

Sing, dance and call in the abundance energy. Traditionally pray was done in ceremony by creating energy, moving and radiating positivity. Get up and shake your booty to some good vibe music.


Know your money and know your schedule.

f you want to call in more financial abundance you need to know your numbers and have a plan for your money. 

Have a weekly meeting with your bank account, allocate funds, see where they were spent last week and see how much you have coming in. When money knows you have a plan for it, more will come.

 Subconscious belief:

You know what you want right? So what's blocking it? What subconscious beleifs do you have stored in there that are holding you back. Self worth, self love? Do some inner work, find those shadows and rewire your brain. Hypnosis, journaling , meditation are all great tools for working on these blocks.


Some of my favourite and well known crystals for attracting abundance are citrine, jade and aventurine. All these crystals are positive, happy lucky crystals, so you can use them to call in anything prosperous.


" I am trusting in the universe and I am ready and open to receivingabundance in.... "

"Abundance flows to me from unlimited sources "

“I respect time, money and myself and live with purpose.”

"I am worthy of everything I desire"


Sending good vibes,

Sarah x