A crystal ritual to make your 2022 intentions the most powerful yet!

A crystal ritual to make your 2022 intentions the most powerful yet!

It’s a new year, a fresh start and you want to make all your dreams, desires, and intentions come to life. Maybe you’re after a career change or maybe you’re searching for that special someone?

Working with crystals and your 2022 Horoscope can make 2022 your most powerful yet!

Creating a monthly ritual with crystals that align with the zodiac system and writing down your intentions will help you connect, grow and be inspired and is one of the biggest and best energetic practices to bring forth those dreams.

The first of each month is a great time to facilitate your new ritual. You know the date and it comes around 12 times a year so it allows for repetition and you won’t forget it.

 One of my favourite rituals is opening a new crystal each month and connecting with its energy.

When you look at your calendar you know what your plans are, your goals and what the season is. When you work with a crystal that is also aligned with the new moon you can see how that crystal can support your goals for the month ahead.

Always cleanse your crystal and ask them to support you with these goals and intentions to bring them forth.


Another great ritual is cleansing your crystals on the full moon, re programming them for the season to come.

I love to cleanse them with sage, salt water or sound. Leave them outside under the full moon light and let them re absorb the energy from the moon.

In the morning bring them inside and hold them tight and re set your intentions into them. Remember your goals, remember what the energy of the crystals can do to help support you and your dreams.


Being able to connect and check in with your crystals and goals will allow you to stay focused and bring in the energy that you need to support you.  


Write, feel and visualise your goals. Write them down on your calendar, this allows the conscious brain to double up on the knowledge that this is what you are after. Embrace the feeling of how you would feel when you have achieved your goals. Sit there and feel it through your body. Smile, cry, dance, get the energy into your body.

Visualising your goals also allows for repetition. Create a vision board with images that symbolise your goals. And to make it stand out even more put your crystal in front of yur vision board to amplify the energy.


This article was written by me, Sarah Keeley for Body and Soul online magazine.