Blue Kyanite šŸ’™

Blue Kyanite šŸ’™

Blue Kyanite is a true warrior, able to cleanse all your chakras and balance out your energy.

Being blue it is also great to work with your throat chakra. A little piece of armour you can carry with you each day. But please be careful, as you can feel it is delicate and fragile. A crystal that doesn't need to be cleansed with water. Place your piece of BK on your throat when meditating.

This will help to cleanse your throat chakra, strengthening your expression and your ability to speak your truth. Be that asking for what you want or being able to get your message across. It's great at building bridges in conflict too. With the full moon in Taurus at the moment, BK is the perfect crystal to use in your rituals or meditation.

As a high vibe crystal, very earthly and calm, it will give you the confidence to move forward without worrying about what others think of your opinions. But watch your words, the universe is always listening. In Feng Shui BK is linked with the water energy, again bringing that peaceful and regenerative energy that we need with a full moon.

Use it in your meditation space or in your career area, which is your front door. But if there's too much water energy already, be sure to balance it with some earth energy.


Sending good vibes ,