Black Tourmaline 🖤

Black Tourmaline 🖤

Black Tourmaline

Protect and cleanse


Black tourmaline cleanses all your chakras, acting like a security guard for your energy. What a team player!

Healing Properties

If you need an energetic detox, black tourmaline will cleanse all the negative energy you are holding onto that is blocking your energy flow. It will also cleanse the energy within your home and office from electromagnetic smog.


Place a piece of black tourmaline in each corner of your home or room to protect the energy within the space. We have a piece on top of our modem to absorb the electromagnetic smog which effects our hormones and overall health. We also place a piece on our kitchen counter top where the phones are charged each day. Carry your piece in your pocket to protect your energy from outside influences or even your mobile phone.


Black tourmaline works really hard to absorb all that negative energy, so you will need to cleanse it often. Use sage, selenite or carefully place it in water to refresh it. Hold it tight and set your intentions. Affirmations to use to charge your black tourmaline.

"I release any negative energy into the white light"

”This crystal will protect and cleanse my space"

"I inhale peace and calm and exhale clutter and distractions"

"My energy is protected from outside influences”

Sending you good vibes,