Pyrite 💫

Pyrite 💫



Creativity, Confidence & Abundance.

From the Greek word Pry meaning fire.

I love the uniqueness of pyrite with its intricate detail, sparking excitement and creativity.



Pyrite is great for cleansing both the sacral and solar plexus chakras. These chakras are where drive, intuition and creativity are sparked from. Use pyrite to help motivate you to kick start something great. Or to theoretically "light a fire" within you to get things done.

Healing Properties

Pyrite repels negative energy, allowing you to build confidence in yourself. It is wonderful to carry in your pocket to repel both electromagnetic fog and negative energy from other people. If you are lacking inspiration or confidence, pyrite will help you find your inner strength to speak up for the things you truely desire and go out and get them.


Pyrite is not advised to be worn as jewellery as it omits sulphuric acid when exposed to oxygen over time. I do however suggest placing a piece of pyrite at your work desk to spark inspiration, draw in wealth and ignite your confidence. Being a crystal for abundance and wealth, it is also always welcome at your front door, the gate way in Feng Shui for your career. Or at the centre of your home for health and vitality.


Do not cleanse pyrite with water. It is best cleansed by placing it in sea salt over night and then disregarding the salt. You may also cleanse it in our selenite cleansing bowls.

“I am creative”

”I am abundant "

"I am confident”

”I am capable of greatness”

Sending you good vibes for March!