Green Calcite 💚

Green Calcite 💚


Green Calcite

Immunity and clearing

Chakras Green calcite is associated with the heart chakra. It helps manage your emotions when going through a season of change, releasing any stagnant or unhelpful blocks.

Healing Properties

Green calcite helps improve the flow of energy through the body. It is particularly helpful for boosting the immune system, any infections or any dis-ease associated with the heart, chest or breast.


Pop this in your bra or top pocket close to your heart. I have also put green calcite in a cleansing spray or a hand sanitiser to increase the cleansing.


This strong and sturdy crystal is able to be cleansed whichever way you prefer. With salty water, in the earth, with sage or simply under the full moon light. Remember to cleanse your crystal when you pop it open and set your intentions into it.

Affirmations to use to charge your green calcite

"My body is clear of any dis-ease or pain holding me back"

”My body is working to stay healthy, fit and able"

"My energy is protected from outside influences”

Sending you good vibes,