Hematite ๐ŸŒš

Hematite ๐ŸŒš


Grounding & Protection


Hematite is a very grounding crystal, pulling you back down to your roots. So your root chakra is where this little one serves best. Sit on it, meditate with it or keep it close to you when you need to focus or stay grounded

Healing Properties

Hematite is high in iron, so it helps detoxify your blood stream and increase circulation. Please do not put it on your body where there is too much inflammation. With its depth and weight, hematite helps heal insomnia and anxiety by pulling you into your roots to feel confident and protected.


With its smooth finish this little piece can easily be carried around in your bra or pocket each day. Within the home I would suggest putting it in your bedroom for a solid nights sleep or at your desk or reading spot to stay focused. Remember you can move your crystals around, its good to keep their energy moving and not stagnant.


Sage, selenite or sound cleansing is great for cleansing hematite. Due to the high iron please do not use salt water with this little one.

"My body is constantly cleansing and re building to be its strongest for my higher god"

โ€I am here, I am where I need to be"

"I am connected to the energy from the root of the earthโ€

Sending you good vibes,