Carnelian 🧡



Strength & Creativity


The deep glowing red and orange in carnelian works powerfully to support your sacral chakra. This is where our confidence and creativity comes. Allow the crystal to ignite the energy around your lower abdomen and bring in a balance between mind and body. The centre of life within your body.

Healing Properties

Stimulating and active in its presence, Carnelian will help you accomplish your larger than life goals. Be it constructing a design, running a marathon or reaching your sales targets. It is also known to enhance fertility and passion, speed up metabolism and detoxify blood and support menstrual pains.


Within the home it is a protective crystal and a wealth generator. Place it near your front door for protection or on your office desk for success and motivation. I don't suggest sleeping with this crystal as it holds such a powerful energy. Although, it works wonders in the romantic fields so maybe just be conscious where it is in or out of your bedroom.


This baby is tough and enjoys a full moon cleanse. Be it in salty water, sound bathing or earthing.

Enjoy cleansing and programming your crystal with these mantras.

"I over come any obstacles with focus and strength"

”Creativity flows to me and I execute my ideas with ease"

"I am confident in my power”

Sending good vibes,