Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye holds power, strength and gives you courage to persevere through your day or your challenges. Leo's passion and strength perfectly compliments this energy.

On your person;

Being such a strong, productinve crystal Tiger's Eye is best to use during the day for stamina. This isn't the crystal you take to bed and relax with.

I would even go as far to say to leave it out of you bedroom so it doesn't disturb your sleeping patters.

It is also a protective crystal helping dissolve feelings of fear, anxiety and lacking. Assuring you that you are guided and protected.

At Home;

If you need some changes in your home, a fresh burst of energy. I would place Tiger's Eye in the centre of the room to radiate the strength and power it has to give everything a kick up the toosh.

Remember this is a powerful crystal and will bring about change. Use it wisely.

Charge it on your selenite before the next full moon or place it on the earth and repeat the below mantras to it.


"All the power I need is inside me. I am worthy of greatness".

"I have the power to succeed and the perseverance to see it through.

"Obsicles do not get in my way. I see past them and look towards my goals".

" I am courageous and I am strong"

"My inner strength is building and I have the courage to grow".