Sunstone is such a great companion to have in your collection. It brings a light and joyous energy to all that it finds. With good luck and good fortune radiating through your sunstone, your inner self love and sense of self will help you continue to find your anchor. 

In the home:

The bedroom or bathroom would be a beautiful place for your Sunstone. Connect with the energy each morning and night, reminding yourself that you are bright, loving and centred. Or in the mirror when you are brushing your teeth, keep that ray of sunshine with you. 


On your person:

This one is for you. Sunstone can be carried every day anywhere and anyway you like. Hold it nice and close to you to bring in the supportive, comforting, supportive vibes. 


Connect with the heart chakra with Sunstone. Then let the energy fall through each level of your body as you radiate positive vibes. 


"Myself worth is strong, my inner compass is stable and helps guide me"

"I am confident and strong in myself, this allows me to attract what I desires"

"Myself love is strong, myself love guides me"

Sending good vibes ,