sodalite crystal calendar

Sodalite is here to help you deeply connect and reflect. 

At home;

Place sodalite at your mediation space or in a room where you want to bring in honesty and truthful conversations. For us this would be our lounge room or kitchen serving area.

Or place it beside your bed to help relax your energy before journaling or falling asleep.

On your person;

Sodalite is great to carry in your top pocket close to your throat. Use it when you're working through some heavy conversation or simply trying to find your voice.


With Sodalite's deep blue it is linked to the throat chakra. It will help you speak your truth, connect with your true mission and heighten your intuition.



"I speak with integrity and truth"

"I let the truth find its way"

"I am open to reflecting on the past to welcome a clear future" 

"I release any heaviness and welcome in blue light to help me speak my truth"

Be sure to please your crystals before working with them. I put mine in a Selenite charging bowl between Full Moons. On a Full Moon I spray mine with Sage Spray before placing them under the full moon. 

Sending good vibes,