Smokey Quartz 💫

Smokey Quartz 💫

Hello lovely,

Well we made it! December is here and it brings with it the closing to what will be a year to remember.

This year may have brought you sadness or love, peace or turmoil,closure or opportunity. Whichever it may be I hope that you are able to turn it into a year of learning and opportunity and take that into 2021.


I placed Smokey Quartz in December as history says its a really busy month.

With Christmas and all the emotions it brings. All the scurrying around to finalise jobs and appointments before the year ends. The family, the in laws the tired children and traffic.

We can get so caught up in trying to squeeze so much into what feels like "the end" But why don't we use it as a time to reflect on what the year has taught us, what we want to take with us moving forward and what we want to leave behind .

A protective and grounding crystal, smokey quartz provides an uplifting and soothing energy that is well received in your home or office space.

Place your smokey quartz in the palm of your hand to meditate with. Pointing the tip outwards to clear energy and inwards to balance and re energise.

As a protective crystals is is also ideal to have at your front door to help center the energy within your home. If it is placed in your office space, have it at the front of your desk, by your door or at reception.

My son holds his smokey quartz to help him get to sleep. He has a really active mind and he finds holding its cool, sturdy energy helps bring him into the present moment.

Thank you for all your support and love this year. It has been a. real treat to get to know so many of you and see your calendars and crystals in your homes.

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Sending good vibes ,