Selenite 🤍

Selenite 🤍

Hello lovely,


If you are in Australia, welcome to Autumn. It's raining outside where I live and I can already feel the change in the air.


I am so excited to introduce selenite to you. It is a miracle of a crystal, able to cleanse energy on its own, never retaining any negative energy. Like water off a ducks back, or Teflon.

And that's exactly what I think when I am working with selenite, I am not retaining any negative energy from anyone or anything.


Just a warning, you DO NOT need to cleanse selenite, it naturally cleanses itself. Water will make it dissolve.


If you would like to work more with selenite in your home I have some tips to the right. When I cleanse homes and offices I use selenite and sage to work the area, clearing the energy f the space and then also myself so I don't absorb any of the old energy I've just moved.

In the home:

We place selenite above our door ways. This cleanses the energy of anyone as they walk under it and helps keep the house refreshed.

It is also a sample to cleanse our crystals in between uses. Our selenite bowls are in each bedroom.

On your person:

I have a selenite stick in my car. It clears the energy, (helloSunday drivers) as well as cleanses my energy after I've been out in public and heard, seen or felt anything that doesn't make me feel good. .


Selenite cleanses all the chakras. It helps balance and restore energy as well as unclog anywhere you are re feeling stuck.


"I cleanse any old unwanted energy from my mind, body and spirit"

"I cleanse this room of old energy into the white light and welcome in new prosperous energy"

"I am centred, cleansed and realigned with my core values and beliefs."

"Just like water off a ducks back, I do not absorb any negative energy."


Sending good vibes ,