Red Jasper

red jasper crystal healing fire energy wellness chakra

Confidence, Grounding, Centred

Now let's welcome Red Jasper. I put Red Jasper in the middle of the year as it's a warm ,firry crystal to help give us all a boost.

Let's boost our confidence by first feeling supported and grounded by the universe. Feel the fire and the power behind this crystal to help you move forward confidently in your day.

Move forward in your days knowing that you are safe and secure and supported with power. 

You can carry this piece with you each day or sit on it during meditation to ground yourself. Seriously, sit on it :)

Feeling overwhelmed, hold it in your palm and repeat one of the mantras in this email to help you through.

In the home:

Also known to increase memory of dreams, you can place this beside your bed and allow the grounding energy to sail you away to a good nights sleep.

On your person:

Pop your piece in your pocket to bring you confidence and stamina to help you through your day.


With its strong earth red colour and energy, Red Jasper is great for grounding your root chakra.

You can sit on it whilst meditating, feel being grounded and connecting to the earth.


" I am centered and grounded in my life ."

"I am safe and secure"

" I confidently move forward in my life feeling secure and entered . ."