Moss Agate

Moss Agate


Moss Agate is our crystal for June 2022. It is deep green in colour, rich in energy and brings with it positive abundant vibes that suits the energy of Gemini.

In the home:

Moss Agate is a creative, fruitful, earthy crystal. In Feng Shui it is suggested to place it in the South- East and Eastern corner of your home, ( remember this is the south point when you are standing at your front door).  

It will be wonderful in your home office, welcoming in abundant energy and creativity to your business. 

On your person:

A great self esteem booster, Moss Agate is deep in heart and rich in creativity. Wear it close to your heart to feel powerful, free yet stable and calm 


Connect with your heart centre when working with Moss agate. Allow the energy to open up your heart energy and welcome in stable, supportive energy that allows you to connect with your inner heart and self love.

Lay with it on your heart and visualise opening your heart centre and welcoming in the deep healing green.  


"My heart is supported, my heart is calm, my heart is open"

"I am supported by the love I hold for myself"

"Abundance and creativity flows through my mind, body and spirit"

Sending good vibes ,

Sarah Keeley