Fluorite is a strong, protective crystals. Drawing off negative energy and stress both mentally and physically. 

It allows you to cleanse, stabilise and find balance with your emotions and thoughts.

At home;

Being a stabilising stone, I will put fluorite at my front door to cleanse and ground the energy of the home. You could also put it in the centre of your home, the heart of your home as well. 

On your person;

If you have a chance to lay down and put fluorite on your stomach/solar plexus, fluorite is known to calm nerves and stomach aches. It is also great on your forehead/third eye to clear negative energy and connect with your subconscious. 


As above, it also cleanses your aura. So it can be placed anywhere to centre energy points


"I let go of excess energy that no longer serves me"

"I cleanse and align my energy centers"

"I am calm, centred and aligned" 

"I release any heaviness and welcome in blue light to help me speak my truth"

Be sure to cleanse your crystals before putting your intentions into them. I put mine in a Selenite charging bowl or I have lots of other cleansing tools to use between full moons or on the full moon when it's best to cleanse and re charge your crystals. 

Sending good vibes,