Rose Quartz 💕

Rose Quartz 💕

Rose Quartz

The crystal of love! Not just a wonderful tool for calling in a lover, it's also wonderful for building self-love, finding courage and compassion in oneself. If you are calling in a lover I recommend placing an extra piece beside yours.


Rose Quartz is wonderful for strengthening the heart chakra. Even though the heart chakra is green, when vibrations of love are being measured, a light pink colour can be seen. When we are experiencing anxiety or self hatred, the soothing pink helps build compassion and strength.

Healing Properties

Learning to trust yourself and others after pain or heart break can be a hard road to travel. We’ve all had our hearts hurt and held onto painful emotions that do not serve us. Rose Quartz will help build that inner confidence back up and open yourself to trusting again, be it with yourself, family or other outside influences.


If you aren't already carrying this little one with you each day, ( I pop mine in my bra, close to my heart), may I suggest that you place it in your bedroom near your bed or under your heart (under the mattress). Be sure to put two pieces of rose quartz together in your bedroom to represent a loving partnership.


You can wash, earth or sage rose quartz. On the night of the full moon I wash mine under running water, place it safely outside on a dish and let it absorb the moons energy before bringing it inside to set my intentions for it.

“I am love”

”I welcome love into my life”

”I am capable of loving”

" I am loved"

I encourage everyone to use this crystal to look into their own hearts and ask yourself,

"How are you"?

"Do you feel loved"?


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Sending good vibes,