emerald crystal stone taurus

Emerald is one of my favourite stones the universe creates, I have a real deep connection to it. My beautiful Aunt who I adored had an emerald engagement ring and I used to wear it all the time when I was with her. She was nurturing, smart, elegant and a huge role model in my life.

Emerald is a deep green stone connected with the zodiac sign Taurus, the earth element and the heart. It encourages you to open your heart, uncover limiting beliefs and create a supportive energy within yourself and harmony within the home. 

In the home:

Emerald brings harmony and balance into your home. It is best placed in the family area as per Feng Shui guidelines. To find this area stand at your front door and locate the room in the centre of the left part of the home. When you place it here envision what you desire for harmony, love and creativity in your family. 

On your person:

Carry Emerald with you to build your self worth and deepen your connection with those around you. It will also ignite inspiration and creativity. I will carry my emerald in my bra, ( close to my heart) in a necklace or ideally in a ring.


With emeralds deep green hue it is linked to the heart chakra. Emerald will open up your heart and deepen your connection with self and the friends and family around you. Lay down and place it over your heart, envision the green seeping into your heart and pouring through your body. Feel the loving hug it gives your heart and welcome in the unconditional love. 


"I open my heart to love, harmony and balance"

"My home creates a safe space for creativity and love"

"I am grounded and secure in my self. I lead with love"

Sending good vibes ,

Sarah Keeley