Desert Rose 🏜

Desert Rose 🏜

Hello lovely,

Sending you all lots of love and good energy as we move forward into February.

I feel the year doesn't really start until February, so I am excited to be here.

 This month you will open a beautiful and fragile piece of Desert Rose.

Desert Rose is made up of water, wind and sand in the desert, (suprise). The sand gets caught between the selenite blades and over time as water sets in, the petal structure forms. I personally find it to be one of the most beautiful crystals nature has created. And it was last minute that it found its way into the calendar, I just couldn't take my eyes off it.


Due to its make up, please do not put your piece in water, it will simply dissolve. As it has selentie in it, it will naturally cleanse itself, and other crystals around it. If you would like to give it a light spray of our Sage spray you can do so.


In the home:

As a calming crystal, I recomend placeing your desert rose at your bedside or meditation alter. It would also sit beautifully near your bathroom mirror to remind you to be strong, confident and love and accept yourself.

On your person:

If you need to take your desert rose out of the house, perhaps place it in a soft pouch or tissue before putting it in your bag or bra. It is so delicate and I would hate for it to drop and break.


Withe the emphasis on grounding, self worth, clarity and confidence, desert rose works from the root chakra right up to the crown. A crystal know to cleanse all chakras.


"I confidently step out into the world to show my true self"

"I ground myself to connect and give clarity to my truth"

"Like the earth, I am delicate yet strong and unique. I nurture myself with love and patience"


Sending good vibes ,