Cleansing Crystals

crystal cleansing charging crystals selenite

Why cleanse your crystals?

Just like you, crystals absorb the energy around them. And sometimes that energy isn't necessarily your vibe. Crystals are in perfect vibration when they are in the earth but then they collect energy from me, from the mail man, from the shop assistant, you get my point.

So we need to cleanse this energy off and take them back to their optimal vibration and program them for ourselves.

When do I cleanse my crystals?

Cleansing your crystals can be done whenever and wherever you like.

It is ideal to cleanse them under a Full Moon when the moon is its brightest and most potent in its cycle, ready to to cast off the bad vibes.

However you can cleanse them every day if you wish. Sometimes they get over worked and need a pick me up and when you buy a new crystal you can't necessarily wait for the next full moon. So don't worry, cleanse them when you feel they need it and when it works for you.

Our  cleaning kit has an easy "how to" sage and cleanse crystals and energy.


Spray it or smudge it. Sage is a herb that has been used for centuries to purify energy. I tend to use our sage spray when I don't have time to smudge or more on a daily basis. I will smudge my crystals when I am doing the rest of the house.

Salt Water;

One of my favourite ways to cleanse my crystals is with salt water.

I get a bowl, fill it with water from the tap, add some salt and let it dissolve.

I then take each crystal and put it into the bowl giving it a wash before placing it onto a tray to take outside under the full moon. When doing this I say, " I cleanse these crystals of any old unwanted energy"

If you live near the ocean, use fresh water from the sea.

DO NOT use water on crystals that end in "ite" like Blue Kyanite for example. These crystals are fragile and will dissolve. The same goes for Tourmaline. If the crystal looks flakey, loose or layered just don't go there.


The easiest way to cleanse crystals is with selenite. This is a naturally cleansing crystal that doesn't absorb energy.

I have a selenite bowl that sits on my dresser which holds all my tumbled crystals. At the end of each day I put my crystals in the bowl and they recharge over night.

You can also place a selenite tower or rod near larger crystals.

Some selenite bowls and towers are right here.


Rice is a cheap and easy way to absorb energy from crystals. I would use this if you were working with them on a daily basis with other peoples energy.

Just be sure not to eat the rice haha You will just be eating all that energy. Not tasty!