Brown River Agate

Brown River Agate

Brown River Agate has come to you at a time when you may need to step into your own power. To put down the roots that you may have lost in becoming your true, authentic self. What has been holding you back? Why aren't you shining like you know you can?

A crystal that will ignite the energy of Aries, with confidence, direction and assertiveness that comes from knowing your own power. 

In the home:

Is there a space in your home or office that needs some igniting? ( not literally, put the matches down please). Is there a lull in the way a space is serving you? Place Brown River Agate in this space to open up its possibilities. Open up its energy to provide an energy that is serving. 

On your person:

Hold this beauty tight and let the energy ignite what you already know is inside of you. Confidence, charisma, power woo hoo! Let emotions and words that don't sit with you flow off your energy and let them go back to where they came from. 


The base chakra is the best place to place Brown River Agate. It is a grounding crystal that stabilises and ignite the energy system. Lay down, place it on your pubic bone and visualise the energy flowing into your base, the foundation of your being. 


"I am worthy of all the universe has to offer me for me"

"I am centred, strong and ready to launch"

" I am whole and capable, just as I am "

Sending good vibes ,

Sarah Keeley