Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz

At Home;

The bedroom is the ultimate place to keep your Blue Quartz. It calms the energy around it with its soft blue hue and vibration.

Place it at your alter to help connect during meditation, allowing you to drop in easily.

For a peaceful sleep, pop it under your pillow to help with a good nights rest. We have Blue Quarts in our Sleep Kit as well.

On your person;

If you get anxious, overwhelmed or just need some calming energy I would suggest carrying Blue Quartz with you regularly.

Pop it in your pocket or bra and connect with it throughout the day. Be conscious that it is there, take deep breaths and cover your energy in the blue hue to calm and centre yourself.


With its blue hue Blue Quartz is linked to the throat chakra. Speak with love, speak with clarity and above all else speak authentically.

You may wish to connect with Blue Quartz when you need to stand up for yourself, when you need to deliver an important message or you simply just need some encouragement.


 "I am centred, I am calm, I am me"

"My energy is fluid, I let things wash over me, releasing anything that does not serve me"

"I am in control of my thoughts and feelings, I am centred '

"I speak with love, and authenticity"

"I go with the flow"