Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian here to anchor and ground you.

At home;

The perfect crystal to help ground you after a busy day or settle you into a deep sleep. 

I would recommend placing black obsidian beside your bed or under your pillow to help ground your energy for a peaceful, deep sleep. 

It would also be great in a busy thoroughfare of your home, be that the living room, or somewhere a lot of paths cross. Even the dining table to help anchor the family together and ground the energy. 

On your person;

Black Obsidian would be lovely to carry on your person when you are in a hyper active, busy environment. Be that at a party or social setting that makes your energy overact. 


 As an anchoring dark colour crystal, black obsidian is connected to your root Chaka. You can sit on it to ground yourself or place it in your lap while meditating. 


"I am anchored and grounded in my energy "

"I am centred and true to my core"

"I am connected to the chore of the earth" 

"I am calm, aligned and in control"

Be sure to please your crystals before working with them. I put mine in a Selenite charging bowl between Full Moons. 

Sending good vibes,