Aventurine 💚

Aventurine 💚

I wanted to kick start 2021 with the abundant energy from Aventurine.

It enhances your luck, your creativity and turns negatives into positives.

Whenever you receive a new crystal, my hot tip is to cleanse it of its old energy before setting your intentions into it.

You can do this with a Sage Spray, a salt water bath or in a selenite bowl.

I love spraying my crystals with sage spray and then giving them a deep salt water wash before the full moon. Here is an example of what you could say while cleansing your Aventurine.

" I cleanse this crystal of any old energy that no longer serves it. I program it to bring me creativity, abundance and positive opportunities. 

In the home:

Aventurine is a powerful tool at your office desk to draw in creativity and abundance.

Or place it at your front door to welcome in happiness, love and abundance. Just be sure it's not easy for pets or little ones to pick up and play with.

On your person:

Carry your Aventurine in your wallet to draw luck and abundance into your money vessel. Acknowledge it and thank it each time you open your wallet.

You can also pop it in your bra, close t your heart for love and happiness.


Aventurine is connected to your heart chakra. With its green hues and calming nature. Roll it around your chest and imagine the green colour floating into your heart.


"I am worthy of all the universe has to offer me for me"

"I am ready and open to receive love and abundance"

"Abundance flows to me from unlimited sources"


Sending good vibes ,

Sarah Keeley