A personal favourite, Aquamarine is a soft, calming crystal that in Latin translates to "water" or "of the sea". It calms energy and brings clarity to the mind and throat.

At home;

The centre of your home is a wonderful place to place your aquamarine. The centre of your home is where the heart is, welcoming this calm and replenishing energy here will bring clarity and neutral energy to help navigate all the moving pieces. 

If you would like to delve deeper in Feng Shui, Aquamarine is aligned with the wood element. Wood is great in the wealth corner of your home, which is the top left hand room when standing at your front door. Place it in this room to welcome in abundance. 

On your person;

Aquamarine is perfect for new beginnings, for welcoming in fresh energy and moving forward. Carry it with you and allow the soft calm energy to wash over you. If you are entering an environment that will have you on edge bring it with you and connect to the calming energy. 


Aquamarine with it's blue, green hue is linked to the throat chakra. Let the soft energy cleanse your overactive throat and give you clarity on what message you are trying to share with the world. 

You can lay down and place it on your throat to calm a sore throat or after an argument. It's also great to carry with you if you're nervous and need to speak to a large crowd. 


"I am centred, I am calm, I am in flow"

"My emotions are like the waves, they come in and go out. I am in control of them"

"I speak with clarity, love and good intention" 

"I choose language that people do not have to defend themselves from"

"I have only love and compassion for myself"

Be sure to please your crystals before working with them. I put mine in a Selenite charging bowl between Full Moons. On a Full Moon I spray mine with Sage Spray before placing them under the full moon. 

Sending good vibes,