Apatite 🔹

Apatite 🔹

Hello lovely,

Happy 1st of April! And happy new astrological year, (which kicked off on the 20th of March with Aries season).

January to March always feels like it blows away far too quickly. So I am really welcoming April and all the fire energy that comes with Aries and a new beginning.

The crystal of the month couldn't be better suited to this energy. Apatite is all about power, clarity, speaking your truth and motivation.  

Known to clear barriers, burst through set backs and really motivate you towards your goals I think we are all going to head into an abundant new space with this energy.

Your crystal may feel a little sticky. It was coated upon import to preserve the minerals. You're welcome to give it a wash it will not harm it at all.

In the home:

There isn't anywhere that this crystal needs to specifically live in your home. I will place my piece of Apatite at my work desk to to help raise my vibration. To bring in power and confidence as I communicate my business goals with clarity and conviction.

On your person:

As Apatite brings in trust, clarity, and confidence through communication, it would be best in your top pocket or bra, ready to absorb the vibration to soar ahead.


With it's blue hue this crystal is linked to the throat chakra. Vibrating at a calm frequency, it clears away anything holding you back and paving the way for absorbing your goals. 


"I clearly express my views, values and opinions with clarity and purpose"

"My ambition and power are my strengths"

" My vibration is connecting me to speak my soul truth"