One of the most popular crystals around is Amethyst. With its deep purple hue and relaxing energy it's no wonder so many people are drawn to it. Purple is the colour that promotes connection and intuition, work with Amethyst when you are meditating, needing to connect with self or simply needing some assistance relaxing into a deep sleep. 

At home;

We place Amethyst on our coffee table to relax and centre the energy in our home. It is also wonderful in the bedroom to help unwind and restore the energy fr a good nights sleep. You don't want to place Amethyst anywhere that needs lots of movement and energy.

On your person;

As a calming crystal you can carry Amethyst with you all day, every day. It relaxes our nervous system and opens up our energy to receive guidance. Place it in your pocket or bra safely and remember to remove it before taking your clothes off. A broken crystal is not at all helpful. 


Third Eye Chakra, where we connect with our intuition and guides is where Amethyst is best used. It clears the energy to help us relax into our personal space and connect with our higher selves. 

Place it on your forehead while laying down to meditate or sleep. Or simply pop it under your pillow at night to drive off to sleep.


"I am connected and in flow with my life"

"My journey is to be authentic and connected"

"I am guided by my higher self. When I let go I can connect." 

Be sure to cleanse your crystals before putting your intentions into them. I put mine in a Selenite charging bowl or I have lots of other cleansing tools to use between full moons or on the full moon when it's best to cleanse and re charge your crystals. 

Sending good vibes,